Scott the Swamp Monster and New Jersey’s nukes: The Climate Minute Podcast

Scott Pruitt’s tiresome “swamp-monster” routine has moved beyond parody to absurdity but is nonetheless as a continuing insult to Climate Hawks. SAD! A more constructive and substantive discussion is happening around the putative need to support nukes and the more pragmatic need for electric busses. Listen in!

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Because we recognize the necessity of personal accountability for our actions, because we accept responsibility for building a durable future and because we believe it is our patriotic duty as citizens to speak out, we must insist that the United States put a price on carbon.

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…Ted McIntyre

The Necessity of Environmental Justice: The Climate Minute Podcast

Systemic racism expresses itself both before the law and in environmental injustice. Progress comes when Climate Hawks speak out about the issue. For example, the Flint water supply was damaged four years ago this week. Activist Siwatu-Salama Ra‘s imprisonment is a case of a combination of injustices. The good news is that a Minnesota judge has allowed the necessity defense in a jury case. This will allow the introduction of climate science into a court hearing—an important precedent for future legal cases. Listen in.

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I’m voting the climate. Aren’t you? The Climate Minute Podcast

We talk to Nathaniel Stinnett of the Environmental Voter Project about what makes people vote. It turns out that two motivations to vote are peer pressure (you don’t want to be the only one who DIDN’T vote in this wave election) and expressing your deeply held commitment to the earth. Enviro’s should ‘vote like it is your job’ and take pride in expressing their green credentials at the ballot box. Listen in for tips on how to help motivate your friends and neighbors to vote for the planet.

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A darkness falls on Puerto Rico: The Climate Minute Podcast

What seems like a freak accident-a single backhoe knocking out the power for the whole island of Puerto Rico- is actually emblematic of the environmental injustice being perpetrated there. Listen in as we discuss.

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Crackdown in Iowa?: The Climate Minute Podcast

A bill aimed at stifling climate activists was introduced into the Iowa legislature recently. According to Buzzfeed, “The bill is a ramped-up version of the generic “Critical Infrastructure Protection Act” that the American Legislative Exchange Council, a Virginia-based national conservative group, is pushing across the country. Iowa’s legislation criminalizes protest on any “land, building, conveyance, or other temporary or permanent structure” or a “water supply treatment, collection, storage or delivery system” considered part of the fossil fuel industry’s “critical infrastructure.” At the same time the SEC is trying to cut back on stockholder activism, a more abstract but important way to bring corporations like Exxon to account. Finally, we discuss the teacher strikes in the Midwest and how they relate to the climate movement. Listen in.

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Science strikes back on Saturday April 14: The Climate Minute Podcast

This Saturday, April 14, the March for Science will happen in Boston. The theme of this year’s Boston march is “Science Strikes Back!” This year, our focus is on being proactive—advocating for science-based public policy and getting more people involved in science. In particular, the spotlight will be on climate change, where the science so needs to be heard.  We discuss some of the bills in the MA Legislature, one on environmental justice, one on home energy scorecards and a climate hawk’s dream from Senator Pacheco. Listen in.

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Scott Pruitt IS the swamp: The Climate Minute Podcast

President Trump talked about “draining the swamp” as a major part of his campaign platform and yet he put in an EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, who appears to be the definition of “the swamp” that Trump promised to evacuate. We highlight some of Pruitt’s worst offenses including scrapping the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, instructing EPA staff to boldly deny the dangers of anthropogenic climate change, removing decision-making power from regional EPA directors, and accepting illegal gifts – in the form of cheap rent – from a fossil fuel energy lobbyist. Take some deep breaths before you dive in on this one – it may make you see red!

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Healy, Baker and the click-happy lobbyist: The Climate Minute Podcast

Massachusetts continues to demonstrate it’s leadership on climate issues. Maura Healy gets a win over Exxon and fights door to door greenwashing scams. Charley Baker gets a thumbs up for a ‘point of sale’ energy audit but a thumbs down for a poison pill proposal to put natural gas in a ‘clean peak power’ package. The Northern Pass finally gets rejected, and a pipeline lobbyist lurks on constituent emails, but then cleverly hits ‘Reply all’ to comment. Hmmm….

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Rising levels of necessity: The Climate Minute Podcast

Two items this week signal the inevitability of climate as a central issue in our politics. First, Boston held hearings on it’s resilience to ominously threatening sea levels. Second, in the West Roxbury trial of pipeline protestors, the court was able to dodge the central question but clearly gave the go-ahead for climate activist to pursue a ‘necessity defense’ of their actions. Listen in as we discuss.

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Marching at the intersections: The Climate Minute Podcast

The March for Our Lives expanded the conversation about guns to include everyday chronic violence, not just spectacular events in schools. That is a good lesson for Climate Hawks who should work to find the ‘intersections’ of global warming with other issues like environmental justice. The second lesson for us all is the need to translate our marching enthusiasm into a march to the polls next November. That is where the change comes from! Listen in.

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