Baby, you can drive my EV! The Climate Minute Podcast

The G20 meeting this past week held discussions of the Paris Accord. The rapid arrival of attractive electric vehicles shows that markets are committed to clean energy, even if our orange furor is not. Listen in.


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Your team is red, my team is blue, your science is bogus, mine is true: The Climate Minute Podcast

The courts have forced the EPA to follow the law.  It said that a delay in enforcement of rules governing methane leaks was the same as a new rule. This means EPA must present real scientific data in order to change the Obama era rules. (Note to Scott- that may be harder than you think.) The court ruling has a lot of implications for other EPA plans.

The EPA also is considering holding public evaluations of climate science (“red team/blue team” in the current language.) Sunlight and public discussion is good, but the approach here seems to be to attempt to legitimize the tiny fraction of opinion that holds climate science as suspect. Beware the smoke and confusion!

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Reading the leaves: The Climate Minute Podcast

This week we discuss phenology (whatever that is,) Massachusetts polls and cool things to do with MCAN this summer. Listen in.


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Mariah Tinger on pioneers and heroes: The Climate Minute Podcast

This week, we interviewed Mariah Tinger, co-author of the book, Protecting the Planet: Environmental Champions from Conservation to Climate Change, winner of the Green Book Festival’s 2017 Best General Non-Fiction Book Award.

Climate change is often associated with predictions of dire calamities. But in the past, heroic individuals have stepped forward to meet even the most ominous ecological challenges. This book tells an inspirational story--a story both of pioneering environmentalists who raised our collective consciousness regarding nature's value and heroes of today who are working to secure a sustainable future.

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A long term and equitable price on carbon: The Climate Minute Podcast

We have two topics of interest today: Carbon pricing bills and the June 13th Lobbying Day . Massachusetts has two new bills that promote a gradually rising price on carbon. “Carbon price” is a buzzword that puts a monetary price on carbon pollution, or emissions from burning fossil fuels. Essentially, it is a “dumping fee” for putting pollution into the air. Though the phrase “gradually rising price” can be off-putting, the bills incentivize people to become more carbon neutral – a way of doing well by doing good.

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Can Juliana beat TigerSwan? The Climate Minute Podcast

DAPL activists were the target of military style counter-terrorism methods at Standing Rock and elsewhere, conducted by the TigerSwan security company. Is this even legal? (And why are these organizations obsessed with Secret-Agent-007-James-Bondian names for their sad little enterprises?) On a happier note, a young woman named Juliana has frightened three big oil groups. At first they asked to be named defendants in the “Our Children’s Trust” lawsuit, but now that they might have to answer questions before God and the internet they’ve developed cold feet. Listen in.

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An Irish Wake for the Paris Accords: The Climate Minute Podcast

In a shameful, unconscionable, historically damaging decision the Trump administration will pull the US out of the Paris Accord. Listen in as we process this unfortunate news and try to figure out how to react.

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Paris, Bonn, Boston and Washington: The Climate Minute Podcast

Work on the Paris Accords continues with meetings in Bonn this week. Even though Governor Baker supports the US remaining, the question will be decided by our Tweeter-in-Chief. Will his demons or better angels prevail? Perhaps more importantly, will our leadership here in Massachusetts embrace a carbon price? The answer depends on you.

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It’s both jobs and the planet, Mr. President! The Climate Minute Podcast

Comrade Trump wants you to believe that a healthy planet is incompatible with having good jobs.  That is just more stream-of-consciousness lying from our delusional twitter-er in chief, along with his retrograde EO’s on national monuments and automobile efficiency. We point out the growth in clean energy jobs, and how you can take action against the craziness even in your own town. Listen in!


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Voices from the People’s Climate Mobilization: The Climate Minute Podcast

April 29, 2017 was the day of the People’s Climate Mobilization. It was a great day, with 150 to 200,000 people marching in DC and even more around the country. We had the good fortune to chat with people of all kinds, students from Salem State University, activists from California and Utah as well as concerned folks from all over. Listen in to just a few of the thousands of committed citizens in DC last Saturday.

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