A Legacy Moment: The Climate Minute Podcast

In Massachusetts, the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station will shutter in 2019,  depriving the state of a big chuck on carbon-free energy. What should be done to fill the gap? Build more pipelines for carbon polluting natural gas? Import out-of-state power from Hydro-Quebec? Or build a green energy infrastructure right at home? This is a moment where great things can be done, if our leaders hear the call. We discuss.

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On the road to COP21 in Paris: The Climate Minute Podcast

This December the city of Paris will play host to the 21st “Conference of the Parties”, or COP21. The goal of the conference will be to hammer out a global treaty intended to address global warming. We discuss the latest developments and try to make sense of it all.

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TPP, Part Deux: The Climate Minute Podcast

The terms of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) treaty have finally been concluded in a closed session in Atlanta. While the text is still secret, the arguments have begun. Climate Hawks are suspicious of the ‘Investor State Dispute Resolution” mechanism, which gives enormous opportunities for Big Oil to undermine future climate legislation. Here in Massachusetts, the Governor will allow utilities to charge a fee to electrical ratepayers to cover the cost of new pipelines. Is it fair to call that a tax? Still it is a pretty a sweet deal for Kinder Morgan!

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Law and Order- Climate Notes

You have to admit that it would really be quite great to see Exxon's execs busting rocks and pressing license plates...

I hope these fossil-fuel fiends aren't considered "too big to jail," especially after the revelation that Exxon (now known as ExxonMobil) not only knew about the severe risks of human-caused climate change in the late-1970s and early-1980s, but actually financed cutting-edge research into the dangers of carbon dioxide--only to abandon such groundbreaking research and go all-in on denying climate science and attacking climate scientists.

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Gore v Exxon: The Climate Minute Podcast

It turns out that Exxon knew the truth about climate change a long time ago. Are they at legal risk for hiding their findings?  We discuss the implications.

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Just Four Cape Winds: The Climate Minute Podcast

The real possibility of a shutdown of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station creates a crisis (or perhaps an opportunity.) It means that Climate Hawks should demand clean energy to fill the gap.  It would take only four projects comparable to Cape Wind to fill that gap. There are bills in the Massachusetts Statehouse that relate to clean energy, and they are the being debated.  Further, now that KXL is in deep trouble, and Shell has withdrawn from the Chukchi Sea, what is next for Climate Hawks? Our next big push should be for a ban on the extraction of carbon based fuels from federally owned lands, whether they are in the American West or off our coastal shores.

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Your VW has a bug! The Climate Minute Podcast

Another big week, from the possible Pilgrim nuke shutdown to the VW debacle. What does it mean for Climate Hawks? We discuss.

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The Pope and signs of hope- The Climate Minute Podcast

Pope Francis came to town this week and spoke openly about the need to address climate change. That was remarkable all by itself, but there were several other heartening signs- from new Senate bills to promises from China. It has been a good week.

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Who's intruding on who? The Climate Minute Podcast

The political battles over clean power continue, and Climate Hawks need to stay in the game. We discuss.

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Smoke from wildfires mixes with a metaphorical smoking gun: The Climate Minute Podcast

In an ironic moment, the California Assembly tip-toed away from aggressive climate legislation, at the behest of Big Oil, even as climate-enhanced wildfires marched with a heavy footprint through various towns outside Sacramento.  Further, the destructive behavior of the oil industry was highlighted by a report that Exxon realized even in the 1970’s that their petroleum products were creating a serious global problem. The report might be the ‘smoking gun’ equivalent to revelations in past decades about what the tobacco industry knew about cancer even as they denied the medical evidence.

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