Mister Xi goes to Mar-a-Lago: The Climate Minute Podcast

President Xi of China met with our own bumbling President to (not) discuss climate change. Nevertheless, China has been making some big statements on its own account when it comes to global leadership on our warming planet. While Comrade Trump dreams of jobs in coal and VHS rental chainstores, Xi is pushing for clean energy jobs. Sad…for America. Listen in.

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Putin nominee confirmed, what next for climate?: The Climate Minute Podcast

The ‘nuclear option’ has been used, and we now will have Justice Gorsuch*. What will the consequences be for climate policy? Only time will tell, but we take a look at some leading indicators. Listen in!

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We’ll see you and raise you, Comrade Trump: The Climate Minute Podcast

The outrageousness of the misAdminstration’s Climate Executive Order calls for a creative response. Instead of fighting to salvage what was a stopgap plan in the first place, why not demand the kind of profound societal change that matches the scale of the climate problem?  What would that look like? What will it take to achieve? Listen in!

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Executive disorder: The Climate Minute Podcast

The mal-Administration our country, lead by our Russophile 45th President, has issued an Executive Order attempting to eliminate efforts to address climate change. The historical ramifications of these destructive moves are yet to be written, but they are real and damning. We discuss the content and consequences of the what we know now. Listen in!

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The mysterious case of Wayne’s emails: The Climate Minute Podcast

Through either malice or ignorance, the duly elected President of these proud United States continued his mindlessly destructive assault the environment. By approving the KXL pipeline, he has re-ignited a controversy that will simmer for years. His disappearing Secretary of State was shown to have used (and mysteriously deleted) his private email which used the romantic name “Wayne Tracker.” On the other hand, we see India declare the Ganges a person, and discuss whether “Lord of the Flies” or “Grapes of Wrath” capture the tenor of the times. Listen in.

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Gorsuch is “void for vagueness” : The Climate Minute Podcast

From President Cheetoh’s approval of the KCL pipeline to his plans attacking climate programs, there is plenty to discuss. Also, the Senate heads for a showdown over the Gorsuch nomination, but you can still get bus tickets to the DC rally on 4/29. Hang in there!

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Rachel Carson was right: The Climate Minute Podcast

Rachel Carson’s 110th birthday will be this May. Her book “Silent Spring” was landmark of environmental awareness. This spring will be a great moment to reflect on Carson’s life and impact.  We check in with Ellie Goldberg, for whom Carson is a hero.  In 1989 Ellie Goldberg founded www.healthy-kids.info, a consulting service promoting health security and educational equity for students with asthma and other chronic health conditions. Her goal was to help educators, health professionals, community officials, organizations, policy makers and parents work together to improve policies and practices so that schools are safe for children's healthy development.  Listen in!

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Budget guy on climate programs “We consider that to be a waste of your money”: The Climate Minute Podcast

If a Federal budget is a vision of the future then the administration’s current proposal calls for a climate hellscape populated by hungry elders in a hollowed out democracy.  We can push back by voting and demanding our Members of Congress reject this insulting document. Keep in mind that the green future is growing even now, with new technology allowing ever more local energy production and exchange. Listen in.

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Think globally, resist locally: The Climate Minute Podcast

MCAN’s Local Environmental Action Conference was held on March 5th at Northeastern University. Kandi Mossett was the morning keynote speaker, and presented a powerful image of the destruction fracking has wreaked damage on Native American Communities. For her part, Lois Gibbs was living a normal life in upstate New York until “she discovered that her neighborhood sat atop a toxic dump containing 21,000 tons of buried chemical waste, the infamous Love Canal.”  In one of the breakout sessions, Carol Oldham discussed MCAN’s offering to help activist begin the process of finding out where they can help their towns become greener. Listen in!

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Scott Pruitt’s betrayal of the EPA, scientific integrity and the future: The Climate Minute Podcast

In a statement that can only be considered an insult to the very concept of truth and scientific integrity, Scott Pruitt, the new leader of the EPA, said the following about carbon dioxide “I think that measuring with precision human activity on the climate is something very challenging to do and there’s tremendous disagreement about the degree of impact, so no, I would not agree that it’s a primary contributor to the global warming that we see,” This denial of the scientific output of the EPA, based on his personal opinion and narrow ideology is an outrage. His extreme views may influence decisions on California’s right to pursue green initiatives.  

Scott Pruitt will only be brought to heel by political pressure from Congress, who will themselves only respond to direct communication from their constituents. Check the reading list to find your Member of Congress. A short phone call is all it takes.

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