At least the meteor shower is cool- The Climate Minute Podcast

Heat and drought in New England give a taste of the new abnormal state of the climate, and the Olympic Opening contained a climate message.  The coolest thing this week is the annual Perseid meteor shower. Even if you can go out and see it, this ageless natural phenomena teaches us about our place in the universe. Listen in!

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NEPA, RGGI and Anthrax- The Climate Minute Podcast

The Obama’s seemingly small step to require the inclusion of climate considerations in the planning of Federal projects is, in fact, a big deal! That, coupled with the success of RGGI make for a good week in climate news- except for the anthrax. Listen in!

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A new energy policy bill passes MA Legislature-The Climate Minute Podcast

The Massachusetts legislature passed an energy policy bill with a solid requirement to build lots of wind power. We discuss the implications of that, plus what else was put in , and what was left out. Listen here!

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107 Nobel winners say what? The Climate Minute Podcast

Why we believe what we believe is an important question to consider. Are we driven by facts or allegiance? If more than a hundred Nobel prize winners say GMO’s are OK, should we believe it?  At the end of the day, no matter where we stand, we are better off for having considered all the possibilities. Listen in!

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It's summertime in a warming world- The Climate Minute Podcast

A heat wave across the USA gives us all a taste of things to com. On the good news side, the EPA will regulate airline emissions and super greenhouse gases will come under control soon. Listen in!

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Voices from Acushnet-The Climate Hawk's Companion Podcast

A massive gas compression and storage facility has been proposed for the small town of Acushnet Massachusetts. In protest, local residents, lead by South Coast Neighbors United marched between two schools that would be close to the facility.  Listen in as we hear voices from the march. (Special bonus: some whaling and literary history!)

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Businesses Acting on Rising Seas- The Climate Minute Podcast

The Climate Action Business Association’s (CABA’s) summer campaign is called Businesses Acting on Rising Seas (BARS2016). For eight weeks, the CABA team will be educating local small businesses across the coastal region of Massachusetts about the impacts of sea level rise. BARS2016 campaign leaders engage into face-to-face conversations with business owners and managers providing small business resilience guides that outline a quick-and-dirty, 8-step approach to resilience. CABA believes that resilience is a crucial aspect to conducting business when it comes to sustaining long-term economic growth, vitality and business continuity in the region with the threats of climate change looming. The ultimate goal of BARS campaign is to prevent the loss of locally-owned businesses and support a secure economy for Massachusetts in the event of a natural disaster. Moreover, the BARS team seeks to build a better understanding of climate resilience and a sense of community both within the City of Boston and in coastal Massachusetts. Listen in as we discuss.

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Brexit-You can leave the European Union, but you can’t leave planet earth! The Climate Minute Podcast

What are the implications for climate progress of the UK’s decision to leave the EU? As with any profound historical event, there are already contradictory ideas. We discuss.

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MA Senate rolls out a shiny new Omnibus: The Climate Minute Podcast

The Massachusetts Senate passed an Omnibus Energy bill that mandates 2GW of wind power, increases the use of renewables by 2% a year and bans the ‘pipeline tax.’ This is good news!  Next comes joint work between the House and Senate to reconcile the two different versions of the bill passed by each body.  Climate Hawks should urge their legislators to put the Senate’s vision into the final bill.

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The Global Security and Sustainability Guide: a conversation with Michael Sales

Both security and sustainability can be defined many ways and there are many organizations that address each. How can these groups make the connections between the underlying common issues they face? In this show we explore the concept of a Global Security and Sustainability Guide with Michael Sales, one of the leaders of the project. He says:

We believe that mapping the system will change it by demonstrating how vast the effort is to address two of the key drivers of the world meta-system: sustainability issues are creating conflicts of all sorts and the need for security so that people have the mental bandwidth to make strategic sustainability choices.  Seeing the whole system more clearly will empower actors who care about it to take more creative, informed and high-leverage initiatives and to lend support to one another.  We have already identified 1,400 organizations active in these increasingly overlapping domains, and anticipate that we will discover many hundreds more as we continue digging. 

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