Mr Trump, today you have a witch hunt at 9 and a book burning at 2: The Climate Minute Podcast

As the implications of the Trumpian climate desecration plan become ever more clear, the need to resist his agenda is obvious.  From a request for names of climate scientists at DOE to legitimate fears that climate data will be deleted from government computers, we need no new signs of a malevolent intent. “Hamilton Electors” are great to support, but read up on A practical guide to resisting the Turmp agenda . Listen in as we discuss.

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Nasty people, nasty policy: The Climate Minute Podcast

The Cabinet picks of our part-time PEOTUS are emerging from the smoggy, carbon-choked darkness like zombies. They are a collection of nasty monsters, whose disregard for science and the future of the planet deserves rebuke. The Trumpster’s continuous bait and switch rhetorical strategies may work on the press, but we need to stay focused on what actions he takes. The claim that “personality is policy” is a true, and The Donald’s policy is climate genocide. Our task is to resist.

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Putting the torch to Tennessee and the truth: The Climate Minute Podcast

The recent historic fires in Tennessee are climate related. Why are Tennesseans still represented by deniers? Plus, our new boy-king’s assault on the truth is a strategy, not the random incoherencies of a damaged psyche. Listen in.

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Water Protectors Prevail, and Prepare: The Climate Minute Podcast

As the clock ticked toward zero, the Obama administration denied a  corporate request for an easement to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline. This has effectively stopped the billion dollar project, and given a huge boost to the Native American “Water Protectors.”  What happens next? What will the coming Trumpian mis-administration do? We discuss. 

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DAPL, West Rox and the power of unearned suffering: The Climate Minute Podcast

The next four years will call for all of us to stand up for what we believe. The shape of our future can be seen in the bravery of the Standing Rock Sioux, the “Drive for 15” movement, and the opposition to the West Roxbury pipeline. Bill McKibben gives an overview, saying  “Volunteering for pain is an unlikely event in a pleasure-based society, and hence it gets noticed. Nonviolent direct action is just one tool in the activist tool kit, and it should be used sparingly—like any tool, it can easily get dull, both literally and figuratively. But when it is necessary to underline the moral urgency of a case, the willingness to go to jail can be very powerful, precisely because it goes against the bent of normal life.” Listen in!

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Standing Rock is an insult to the past and a violation of the future: The Climate Minute Podcast

The unfolding events at Standing Rock are headed for some kind of resolution on December 5th. Between the violence done to Native Americans, and the commitment to ever more carbon pollution, the situation is a tragedy.  The police are militarized, the media is asleep, and Obama seems uninterested. We discuss.

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Carol Oldham on #Giving Tuesday: The Climate Minute Podcast

Have you heard about  #GivingTuesday? It is the antidote to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and is a time to support the non-profits and the causes you care about.  We had the chance to catch up with MCAN’s Executive Director Carol Oldham. Listen in and then donate  here.

Please support our work fighting climate change and helping cities and towns be more sustainable with a one time or monthly gift. With your help, in 2016 we were able to: 

  • Host the Local Environmental Action Conference, with 450 attendees, 28 workshops, Jane Kleeb (the "keystone killer") as the keynote speaker, with our partners at the Toxics Action Center.
  • Lead three Clean Energy tours of the Deer Island Anaerobic Digester facility, with attendees from a total of 36 towns.
  • Produce webinars on the Paris climate accords, Acadia Center’s EnergyVision, and the Energy Omnibus bill.
  • Run four Climate Change Movie Nights, showing “Merchants of Doubt” and inspiring short films by Lynne Cherry about kids and climate change.  
  • Work with many of you to submit letters to the editor in your local papers. You can find some of them here.
  • Hold three educational carbon pricing forums.
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Don’t agonize, organize! The Climate Minute Podcast

We discuss the unfolding ugliness of a Trump Presidency, and how Climate Hawks should act in the face of denial and hate. The short answer, don’t accept our new politics as ‘normal’, fight like crazy on climate issues and be sure to make alliances with other progressive groups. Listen in.

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You are the climate movement: The Climate Minute Podcast

The unfortunate choice of a climate denier to be our next president will force the climate movement into alternate paths. In some ways, this is good, since local action to increase green energy will drive state level programs as well.

Carol Oldham, the Executive Director of MCAN, put it this way:

The great news is that we have groups like MCAN and our partners working here in MA to make sure we stay on track.... and there are groups like MCAN in every state across this nation. Grassroots, effective, informed, and not giving up. We are all focused on making sure we don't lose what we have gained so far, and there are countless activists across America who, like you, are committed to continue our forward movement as a nation in the fight against climate change (and many other fights, too).
State and local action will be the proving ground, now more than ever. So I commit to continuing to move us forward on solutions to climate change, and I hope you do too. To sign up to volunteer with us, go here and click on "volunteer". You can take action, you can help, and you can make your community and the world a better place.

 Ready to take action? Click here to go to the MCAN site.

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Resolve, Resilience and Resistance: The Climate Minute Podcast

Donald’s recent election to the presidency is a blow to climate progress. What is to be done? Just remember, we are right, we are powerful and we are not going anywhere. Click here to link to the MCAN site.

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