Earth v. Gorsuch: The Climate Minute Podcast

Neil Gorsuch’s nomination debate will be full of terms like the “Chevron Deference” and the “Originalist Interpretation.” Those are not show titles from “The Big Bang Theory” but describe legal ideas. “Chevron” is the court case that declared government agencies like the EPA know more about global warming than does the SCOTUS, and so should be respected by the Court. This would help the Obama Clean Power Plan prevail, but Gorsuch disputes the concept.  An “Originalist” like Gorsuch believes that the words of the Constitution need to be defined as did the Founding Fathers. That is all fine, but new technologies were inconceivable to them. Should every individual state regulate the internet? What about pollution from ‘downwind’ states like Ohio blowing into “upwind’ states like MA?  Neil Gorsuch’s legal views are a threat to the “general welfare,” his nomination is tainted by the illegitimacy of the Trump Presidency and the established Senatorial procedures demand that Merrick Garland by given a hearing first. Gorsuch must be stopped.

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DAPL, the Zeitgeist, and Gandhi: The Climate Minute Podcast

Executive Orders were issued recently aimed at reviving both Keystone XL and the Dakota Access Pipeline. Does it still make sense? What does make sense is the eruption of “alt” Twitter accounts for National Parks, the EPA and other agencies.

Read as well Bill McKibben’s  latest piece :

The zeitgeist can’t be rewritten by environmentalists alone. Though there’s no technical reason why environmental protection should be a “progressive” idea, it’s clear that in our day and age the Republican party and the conservative movement have chosen to go with the fossil fuel industry. (They’ve been bought, and they’ve stayed bought). That leaves those who care about the climate standing with those who care about the poor, about racial justice, about immigrants, about peace. And at bottom that’s the right fit: a renewably powered world would be far more localized, democratic, and fair. It’s the opposite of planet Koch in every way

Finally, what can Mahatma (The Great Soul) Gandhi teach us about how to resist the authoritarian police state we appear headed for? Listen in.

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America is better than this: The Climate Minute Podcast

In the hurricane of lies, bullying and authoritarian moves by the new administration, we try to find a calm and principled response. America is better than this. We are better than this.  The goodness of America will re-assert itself. Instead of responding to each new absurdity from the scoundrels currently in power, we recall our values and focus on a coherent response that reflects them. Don’t be distracted from the real news- we are building a new world. Listen in.

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Voices from the Boston Women’s March: The Climate Minute Podcast

We talk to people who marched on Boston Common, January 21 2017 in the Women’s March for America. If you are looking for what to do next, watch Michael Moore addressing the DC crowd  (the number is 202-225-3121) and then sign up for Mass Power Forward Lobby Day January 25 2017 at 10AM right here in the Massachusetts State House.

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Convenient hypocrisy from Scott Pruitt: The Climate Minute Podcast

The new Administration’s Cabinet of swamp monsters continues to be grilled in Senate hearings. The particularly repugnant Scott Pruitt, candidate for EPA Administrator and fierce defendant of “states rights” for oil companies, went all wobbly on his principles when asked about allowing California to pursue it’s own aggressive clean energy standards.  However, this may be just the tip of the iceberg, since the Fed’s may try to preempt clean energy work in many states. Fortunately, China looks willing to lead the rest of the world into a clean energy future. Listen in!

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Jealous guardians of democracy: The Climate Minute Podcast

Barack Obama continues to lead, both with an academic paper on the benefits of clean energy and a stirring call to public action in his Farewell Address. Over the next few days we have the chance to push both of those goals forward. Link to the January 21 march through the MCAN event page and sign up for the  Mass Power Forward Lobby Day January 25 2017 at 10AM .

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Dissent…and cocoa: The Climate Minute Podcast

The Constitution calls for us to inaugurate our new president, but it also specifically protects “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” On January 21 we will march in Boston Common to oppose the many repugnant policies of the new administration.  Link to the January 21 march through the MCAN event page and say your will be marching with MCAN. Then send an email to [email protected] and come by MCAN HQ for a cup of hot chocolate! Plus, Maura Healy wins a round with Exxon, and we wonder what our new “friend” Rex Tillerson is up to. Listen in!

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Making it in Massachusetts: The Climate Minute Podcast

Climate action continues here in Massachusetts. From Exxon tanks near Boston to making it easier to own an EV, things are happening. On top of that, there are lots of opportunities to voice your opinion this month. Listen in and check it out.

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Your action items for 2017: The Climate Minute Podcast

Based on a full year of campaign rhetoric, it is clear that the next administration will embody climate denialism among other repugnant policies, and will use lies, threats and intimidation as political techniques. This is not good news for those who love America, but it is a clarion call for us to prepare to defend what is good in our country. That defense is less about particular policies and more about protecting the very fabric of democracy: demanding truth, insisting on facts, protecting our fellow citizens. As 2017 dawns, we discuss concrete, specific actions that each of us can take to preserve, protect and defend the proud history of the United States of America. Listen in.

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Environmental Justice and Climate Activism come together in 2016: The Climate Minute Podcast

2016 was quite a year-in many, many ways. Environmental justice concerns melded quite clearly with climate activism in Dakota. The pipeline protests there seem to be a template for a linking of climate and inequality issues that will be needed in the future. Of course, the year was notable from a geo-physics perspective as the Arctic icecap melted-in the winter! What a surprise! Finally, the international climate movement might be strong enough to persist, even without US leadership. Look to China to reap the benefits of our stupid policies. Listen in as we discuss.

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