Don’t agonize, organize! The Climate Minute Podcast

We discuss the unfolding ugliness of a Trump Presidency, and how Climate Hawks should act in the face of denial and hate. The short answer, don’t accept our new politics as ‘normal’, fight like crazy on climate issues and be sure to make alliances with other progressive groups. Listen in.

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You are the climate movement: The Climate Minute Podcast

The unfortunate choice of a climate denier to be our next president will force the climate movement into alternate paths. In some ways, this is good, since local action to increase green energy will drive state level programs as well.

Carol Oldham, the Executive Director of MCAN, put it this way:

The great news is that we have groups like MCAN and our partners working here in MA to make sure we stay on track.... and there are groups like MCAN in every state across this nation. Grassroots, effective, informed, and not giving up. We are all focused on making sure we don't lose what we have gained so far, and there are countless activists across America who, like you, are committed to continue our forward movement as a nation in the fight against climate change (and many other fights, too).
State and local action will be the proving ground, now more than ever. So I commit to continuing to move us forward on solutions to climate change, and I hope you do too. To sign up to volunteer with us, go here and click on "volunteer". You can take action, you can help, and you can make your community and the world a better place.

 Ready to take action? Click here to go to the MCAN site.

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Resolve, Resilience and Resistance: The Climate Minute Podcast

Donald’s recent election to the presidency is a blow to climate progress. What is to be done? Just remember, we are right, we are powerful and we are not going anywhere. Click here to link to the MCAN site.

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Seeing the world through the prism of Standing Rock: The Climate Minute Podcast

The ongoing confrontation on the Standing Rock Reservation gives us an interesting perspective. How should we look at the acquittal of the Malheur Wildlife occupiers? Is it fair to look at the Native American opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline as a climate issue? Isn’t it one of the historical oppression consistent with our long sad history? Listen in!

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An agreement and a movie: The Climate Minute Podcast

The historic Paris Agreement finally "comes into force" today- November 4, 2016. That is good news, but comes with the caveat that much more work needs to be done! Leonard DiCaprio released his movie Before the Flood. It is an important call for the world to address global warming. We discuss.

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CT pulls out, but ND goes all in: The Climate Minute Podcast

Climate news this week contained progress and tension.  Grassroots opposition has slowed pipeline progress in MA, RI and NH, so CT decided to pull out of the whole concept. On the other hand, in North Dakota the confrontation keeps spiraling, it seems due to a militarized response from the police. Listen in as we discuss.

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Two meanings of catalyst: The Climate Minute Podcast

Ross Gelbspan is a climate hero, having written some of the first books highlighting the immediacy of global warming during the 1990’s. Recently, he posted a blog calling for climate activist to stop being ‘experts’ and begin a new role as the ‘catalyst’ of common work with other groups to pressure world governments to take action. Speaking of catalysts, researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory seem to have found a convenient way to take CO2 out of the air and make ethanol. How should this technology be used? We discuss.

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Can oil intimidate journalism? The Climate Minute Podcast

The Dakota pipeline confrontation is turning increasingly harsh. Journalist Amy Goodman was charged with rioting (but then released), Native Americans and Hollywood actresses were strip-searched and a movie maker was charged with 45 years worth of offenses. Does this mean ‘big oil’ is feeling the heat of grass roots protest? Let’s hope so! Listen in.


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What do Kigali, Montreal and your air conditioner have in common? The Climate Minute Podcast

Your air conditioner is full of super greenhouse gases, just waiting to escape and warm the world. This week the world did something about that- it agreed to the “Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol.”  This will phase out the gases- known as HFC’s- and reduced the rate of warming. Listen in as we discuss.

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A hard rain’s gonna fall: The Climate Minute Podcast

“I've stepped in the middle of seven sad forests, I've been out in front of a dozen dead oceans….It's a hard rain's a-gonna fall.”

Bob Dylan won a Nobel Prize this week. His art can be (and is) continuously re-interpreted. That is the definition of great art!  At the same time, the debacle at Samsung could be the logical outcome of the desire for smaller, more energetic batteries. What are the implications for storage of renewable energy? Finally we discuss such far out ideas as funding climate work from the DOD, or even using carbon fees for a universal income. Listen in, because it’s time “for my boot heels to be wanderin’”

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