Let's make a deal!!! The Climate Minute Podcast

The Paris treaty negotiations are headed into the final hours at COP21, and there is lots of commentary on the proceedings. We do our best to consider the issues which are before the delegates and that need to be resolved to get to an agreement. Listen in!

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A Maginot Line in the snow? The Climate Minute Podcast

A WV coal executive gets convicted, but Lamar Smith continues his witch hunt. Here in Boston, are we adapting fast enough? We discuss.

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The Big Picture in Paris: The Climate Minute Podcast

The nations of the world are meeting in Paris at COP21 to find ways to address climate change. We discuss the big picture of what the “Conference of the Parties” is trying to achieve.


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TPP in the sunlight, Exxon in the dock: The Climate Minute Podcast

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is mostly an agreement among corporations, not among real people or even nations. The text was finally opened for public scrutiny last week. Let’s just say there is a lot of discussion that needs to happen! On top of that, Exxon-and the fossil fuel industry in general- is suddenly at legal risk over their efforts to obstruct climate progress.  We discuss.

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KXL RIP? The Climate Minute Podcast

Big news this week- Trans Canada blinked first and has asked for a ‘suspension’ of the Keystone XL pipeline applications. Climate Hawks should be proud of leading this fight.  Keystone is part of the ‘supply’ of fossil fuels. Carbon emissions result from the demand for (or use of) fossil fuels. Should activists target one or the other, or both? Good question. We discuss.

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WHO doesn't like meat? The Climate Minute Podcast

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that various meats are bad for your health. Did you know they are also bad for the planet? The carbon footprint of meat is very large. According to the Guardian, “The global livestock industry produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all cars, planes, trains and ships combined..”  So eating less meat is good for you and the planet.

There a lot of other meaty stuff going on for Climate Hawks, so we make a lightening review of TPP, CPP, COP21, Solar caps and Pilgrim. If that alphabet soup makes no sense to you, listen in and we’ll catch you up!

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Witch Hunt in Washington: The Climate Minute Podcast

Halloween is very scary for climate scientists this year. In Washington, the House “science” committee is on a witch-hunt for researchers who publish inconvenient truths. With nearly unlimited subpoena power, these new inquisitors are intimidating individual scientists by demanding years of unrelated emails and internal documents, demands that come with associated legal costs and career disruption for each researcher. This effort to ‘chill’ the work of scientists is destructive in many ways. We discuss.

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Technocrats to the rescue? The Climate Minute Podcast

Moral imperatives aside, exactly what will it take to bring society to a clean energy system? Venkatesh Rao in the Atlantic Monthly argues that only a “World War II” scale effort will suffice, but goes on to point out that war was won by many faceless bureaucrats who carried out wise policy. If there is no single technology or super-human leader to guide us, can we trust ‘the gu’mint’ to do the right thing? 

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Back to the Future, 2045: The Climate Minute Podcast

“Back to the Future Day” happened this week. The Chicago Cubs play off bid notwithstanding, the movie nostalgia gives clear-eyed Climate Hawks a chance to think forward thirty years and imagine what 2045 might look like. It is important to remember that what we do now will influence what happens in the future, just as we wish that someone had taken bold action back in the '80s. It is our turn to be that someone.

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In the Interest of National Security: The Climate Minute Podcast

Does climate change constitute a threat to our national security? That begs the question: What is “national security?” If you think national security is about the functioning of our government, or if you think it is about a citizen’s personal security, a pretty strong case exists that climate change is a real threat.  We discuss that, plus Bill McKibben’s most recent act of civil disobedience.

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