A matter of law: The Climate Minute Podcast

Two important court cases went forward this week, and Climate Hawks should take note. In Massachusetts, the question was about how enforceability of the “Global Warming Solutions Act.” Are the laws goals aspirational or mandated?  Out on the West Coast, the activists were allowed to claim they had no other choice but to stop an oil train. (The judge pulled the rug out from under them at the last  minute, but the testimony was still heard!) Listen is as we discuss.

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KXL owner demands $15B for “loss of expected profit”: The Climate Minute Podcast

Sometimes the zombie doesn’t stay dead. This week, TransCanada tried to re-invigorate the Keystone XL effort by extorting $15B from the US government under NAFTA rules. As Bill McKibben says, NAFTA is not a planetary suicide pact. The NAFTA rules are similar to the TPP rules and exemplify the risk of accepting the TPP as the law of the land.  If you like the idea of self-determination, national sovereignty and progress against climate change, the TPP is problematic.

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This land was made for you and me: The Climate Minute Podcast

The  armed takeover of a Federal wildlife preserve coupled with the President’s Executive Order on gun safety gives us a lens to look at climate issues. If “We, the people” own vast tracks of land in the West, why can’t we get an Executive Order to preserve them against fossil fuel exploitation by big corporations? After all, this land was made for you and me!

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Porter Ranch and the Public Trust: The Climate Minute Podcast

California’s Porter Ranch methane leak is out of control and may remain so for months. Back here in Massachusetts, the SJC prepares to hear a suit based on the “Public Trust Doctrine.” The ruling could have far reaching consequences. Listen in as we discuss.

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News to watch in 2016: The Climate Minute Podcast

Welcome to 2016.  Climate hawks march into the New Year with recent successes and real opportunities. In order to help you keep track of events, we discuss the trends, topics and issues to follow this year. Happy New Year to all!

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2015 leaves a framework for hope and work: The Climate Minute Podcast

2015 was a big year for Climate Hawks. From the Vatican to Paris, some (potentially) historic events occurred. We review the last twelve months to gain  perspective on where we are and where we are going. Even though we failed to mention the President’s rejection of the Keystone Pipeline (put that under preparations for Paris, and a tribute to grassroots activism), there was a ton of good news to consider. Listen in.


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Conflicting opinions of the Paris Agreement: The Climate Minute Podcast

The Paris Agreement is open for everyone to evaluate, and the opinions are rolling in. Is it a magic solution, a framework for progress or “too little, too late?”  We focus on the debate between climate activists over the efficacy of the recent deal. Should we demand a more aggressive response, or would that be making ‘the perfect the enemy of the good?’ What do you think? Listen in!

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What was agreed in the Paris Agreement? The Climate Minute Podcast

The historic “Paris Agreement” was made on Saturday December 12, 2015. Climate Hawks everywhere can rejoice at this opportunity to remake the world. Watch the video link below for the reaction in the convention hall, and listen in to the podcast for a discussion of what the final text did (and didn’t) include.

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Meanwhile outside the conference hall: The Climate Minute Podcast

Outside the conference hall holding the COP21 delegates, there was a lot going on. We discuss. Oh yeah, Ted Cruz too.

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Let's make a deal!!! The Climate Minute Podcast

The Paris treaty negotiations are headed into the final hours at COP21, and there is lots of commentary on the proceedings. We do our best to consider the issues which are before the delegates and that need to be resolved to get to an agreement. Listen in!

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