The public’s trust and a cabin by a pond: The Climate Minute Podcast

Kids these days. All they think about is the future. In Oregon, a Federal judge finally agreed with their concerns.  He allowed a case based on the “Public Trust” Doctrine to go forward. This is not a final win, but a step forward. Here in Massachusetts, we still have a debate on the Omnibus Energy (or should we say Climate) bill. Finally, if the Liberty Tree was a symbol of integrity and faith in the future for the American revolutionaries, wouldn’t Henry David Thoreau’s  famous cabin a Walden Pond make a good symbol for Climate Hawks? Listen in.

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Massive online climate education: The Climate Minute Podcast

ClimateX is a proposal to provide a tailored path toward a large selection of on-line higher-ed courses on global warming.  The mentoring is targeted at the specific interests of individual Climate Hawks. This customization is designed to help anyone with an internet connection to learn what they need to know in order to pursue their career and activism goals. Listen is as we explore MOOCs (Massive open online courses) and “Recommenders” with the idea’s creators, Rajesh Kasturirangan and Dave Damm-Luhr. If you like what you hear, sign up to vote for ClimateX  in the Climate CoLab idea competition.  Here is what to do:

  1. Register with the Climate CoLab. 
  2. Once you have a CoLab account, go to the ClimateX page.
  3. On the ClimateX page, click the big blue button in the upper right that says "Vote." 

The deadline is April 22, so act now!

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Public health and public wealth: The Climate Minute Podcast

This week continued a pattern of heavy-duty climate related reports, which you don’t have to read because we read the synopses! The White House’s report on the public health risks of climate change is detrimental to your psychological well-being all by itself but also lays out the abundant risks of a warming world. This comes on the heels of the recent report on sea level rise and Jim Hansen’s paper suggesting that we are closer to climate “tipping points’ than we thought.  Favorite-son John Kerry lays out the economic opportunities of a clean energy world.  Who will grab the brass ring there? Listen in!

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Here comes the sun: Solar legislation on the The Climate Minute Podcast

While an “Omnibus” energy bill is still in preparation, a solar policy bill has been advanced on its own.  The solar bill is an improvement on the original possibility, but it will require further improvements in the next round. Also, see below the jump for a link to find your state rep’s phone number and a script to ask her to oppose the proposed tariff (AKA tax) for the pipeline. Listen in!

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It may be hot but at least you can soak your feet: The Climate Minute Podcast

This week we learned that sea level rise could be much faster than anyone thought. By the end of this century, the sea could rise by about 6 feet. Imagine standing on your favorite beach, at the exact water’s edge. Then imagine the water over your head- how much farther inland would it go? That is a hint about where we could be in less than 100 years. Of course, if you play the  Climate Smart Boston game, your views will help shape the long term plans of the city. On top of that, we have MA AG Healy investigating Exxon and new EVs to consider. Listen in!

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Climate Smart Boston is more than a game: The Climate Minute Podcast

Planning a sustainable future for the City of Boston is no game, but for the next few weeks you can play an on-line game that could help to shape the next few decades of Boston’s development. Climate Smart Boston is a “public deliberation” game where you gain points by suggesting your own (and commenting on other people’s) ideas about making Boston “climate ready.” Then you can spend your points to support one of the ‘causes’ in the game- with real money.  You don’t need to be an expert, just interested. Listen in as we get the details from the Project’s Manager.

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Oooh, It's getting hot in here! The Climate Minute Podcast

Dr. James Hansen gave us all some more to think about this week- in many ways. His recent paper predicting an early onset of climate consequences is happening during the most intense planetary heating we have seen for a while. Listen in!

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Is CH4 the new CO2? The Climate Minute Podcast

US emissions of methane (aka natural gas, aka fracked gas, aka CH4) may be nearly as dangerous as carbon dioxide. New studies show that methane itself, before it is burned as a fuel, is leaking from fracking wells (and pipelines) at rates much higher than were expected. The leaked methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2, even as it spends less time in the atmosphere.  On the whole, the damage done by these methane emissions rivals that of CO2. Bill McKibben points this out in a new article and calls for Climate Hawks to oppose the extraction and use of methane. He concludes” The global warming fight can’t just be about carbon dioxide any longer.” We discuss.

Don’t forget: Local Action, Big Results   is an MCAN event on March 30 in Brookline. Check it out!

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An obscure yet profound trend: The Climate Minute Podcast

This week data showed that global economic growth and increases in carbon pollution are no longer linked. That means a future built on clean energy is possible. That good news was accompanied by the President’s ban of off-shore drilling and a change of heart by 100 of the 152 Massachusetts Representatives. They now support legislation that can help our solar industry survive. Listen in.  

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The Clean Power Plan and a Garland SCOTUS: The Climate Minute Podcast

The Constitution says the President “shall” appoint justices to the Supreme Court, and so he did. This week Mr. Obama nominated Judge Merrick Garland.  Of course, inquiring Climate Hawks want to know: what does this mean for the fight against global warming? The big issue is the legal basis of the President’s Clean Power Plan, which will inevitably be decided by the Supreme Court. Listen in as we discuss.

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