12/13 Mass Power Forward Local Clean Energy Webinar



Want to do more locally on clean energy?

Join this webinar to learn how to use the Clean Energy Checklist to assess your town or city's actions so far, and to learn about our toolkit to get local clean energy projects and policies going in your community!

Our dependence on dirty energy like oil and gas pollutes our air and water and harms the health of Massachusetts’ communities. Pipelines threaten our safety and our green spaces. There is another way. 

This unprecedented threat is also an unprecedented opportunity to use local clean energy to create clean energy jobs, develop sustainable neighborhoods, and clean up our air and water.  Local action and local projects are good for two reasons: they let your community make choices based on your values and priorities, and they prove that climate change solutions work. 

In addition to the clean energy checklist, which helps you figure out your progress so far, we have a whole toolkit that helps you choose local policies and projects to get your community moving towards 100% renewable energy for all.

December 13, 2016 at 8:00pm - 9pm
online or on the phone
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Who's RSVPing

Laura Spark
Candejah Pink
Andrew Vitvitsky
Matt Brodeur
Dan Gainsboro
Eleanor Rosellini
Arthur Crocker
Martha Grover
Stephen Cowell
Alan Palm
Sue Doubler
Jackeline Benato
David Lowe
Thomas Hughes
Adam Prince
Joshua May
Susan Klem
Scott Barvainis
Judith Mabel
Peter Papesch
Roger Cabral
Susan Israel
Jeanne Krieger

Will you come?

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    Please RSVP: 12/13 Mass Power Forward Local Clean Energy Webinar
  • Candejah Pink
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  • Jackeline Benato
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    Please RSVP: 12/13 Mass Power Forward Local Clean Energy Webinar
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    Please RSVP: 12/13 Mass Power Forward Local Clean Energy Webinar
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