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One Time Gift

Thank you for donating to MCAN!

Your support and participation are critical to MCAN’s work helping Massachusetts communities and individuals fight global warming. MCAN is an approved public charity under the provisions of IRS code 501(c)3.  Our EIN number is 26-3880797. Your contributions to MCAN are fully tax deductible.

There are many ways you can support MCAN:

Online Donations:

Your credit card will be charged “Massachusetts Climate Action Network” and your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Mail Donations:

You can send us a check (no cash, please!) to 35 Crescent St #620, Waltham, MA 02453

Donations of Stock, aka Personal Divestment:

Looking to divest your personal portfolio? We can accept your donations of fossil fuel stocks (coal, oil, gas, etc) and turn them into the thing you care about - fighting climate change! Email us to find out more

How we use your donation:

Your support means more towns pass clean energy policies, more communities build clean energy projects, more teams learn from each other, and more innovative policies get spread across the commonwealth.

Your donation is used to accelerate climate solutions and help build connections that keep our movement growing. 

A $50 donation will support a clean energy tour. 

$100 pays for a month of our website and email outreach tools so we can send you information about hearings, meetings, and trainings.

$250 buys ink cartridges and paper for our printer so we can make double-sided color copies of fact sheets and informational brochures for educating the public and for meetings with town and city officials and staff.

$500 pays for staff time for one on one coaching for passing a great energy policy in town. 

$1,000 will help to support the larger campaigns and events that we hold, such as the cost of one Muni Summit with staff time, fees for renting the space, food, and transportation. 

Who's donating

Sara Wroblewski
Eileen Mathieu
Stephen Frail
Bob Gaumer
Brian Foulds
Ted Bayne
Tucker Smith
Shawn Jones
Piedad Buceta
Mary Hajjar
Jacob Knowles
Melisa Hollenback
Helen Lozoraitis
Julie Smith-Galvin
Karlen Reed
Katherine Fahey
Matthew Hamilton
Edward McIntyre
Mike Cotter
Susan Malloy
Andrea Ranger
Shawn Jones
Patti Batchelder
Mj Lee
V(irginia) Reynolds
V(irginia) Reynolds
Maria Wilkens
Jennifer Mickool
Mark Dooling
Donna Savicki