Tar Sands and Fuel Trains

What is it?

Tar sands are the dirtiest type of oil. They are a mixture of clay, sand, water, and bitumen, a heavy black viscous oil. The bitumen is extracted and refined to create oil. Tar sands are specifically dangerous because they are more prone to spills than other forms of oil, and even more difficult to clean up. The toxic chemicals released by tar sands are harmful to our environment and our health.  

Pipelines run through communities, near schools, and major roadways, potentially causing severe damage to our neighborhoods if a spill were to happen. A spill could devastate tourism, fisheries, water supplies, and more industries that depend on clean water to be successful. These jobs could be lost, along with people's homes and land value if a pipeline running through their town had a spill. Tar sands, and the fuel trains that transport them, pose too much of a risk to citizens and are not worth developing.

What is MCAN doing?

Currently MCAN is working to connect with its chapters throughout the state to educate and alert people to the dangers of tar sands and fuel trains traveling through their backyards. We are also working with national partners to raise awareness to the dangerous expansions of tar sands pipelines. In addition, we are encouraging our members and consumers to generate state level action to show local governments how detrimental tar sands are to our environment and citizens' well being.


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