• Saturday, September 30, 2017 at 10:00 AM · 9 rsvps
    Audubon Worcester Sanctuary

    MLP Discussion Meeting


    The day is to answer three questions:

    • What do MLPs do?
    • What do they not do (at least right now)?
    • What COULD they do?

    we hope we might even get to the HOW on that last one. This is an important meeting to discuss your municipal light plant (MLP or muni) and its involvement with clean and renewable energy sources. We want to come together to learn more about what municipal light plants do, what they don’t do, and to learn about some light plants that are going above and beyond.  We want to bring together everyone who cares about climate and clean energy in your town and other MLP towns.  Ideally, we want at least two people from each MLP town. So please, recommend this meeting to anyone you think would be a good fit, or send recommended attendees to us and we will reach out to them directly.

    We will be bringing together people like you from a variety of MLP towns and will have speakers from MLP towns that have taken innovative approaches and had successes, as well as guests from the Conservation Law Foundation and other experts who will be there to answer your questions.

    The meeting location: Audubon Broad Brook Sanctuary, Worcester on Saturday, September 30th

    The meeting will run from: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

    A little background: why does this matter? Right now light plants (which cover 13-15% of the electricity customers in MA) don’t have any kind of a standard for clean energy and energy efficiency.  You might know that current state laws about clean energy and energy efficiency exempt municipal light plants.  Unlike Eversource or National Grid, they are not required to purchase a portion of their electricity supply from qualified renewable resources.  

    There are some great policies in place, and the path for munis to be involved in more renewable energy initiatives is there.  The problem is that they are not taking advantage of such opportunities and we want to figure out why some are and others are not.

    Recently the state Department of Environmental Protection, or DEP, proposed better clean energy policies that include MLPs. Unfortunately, more than a third of the MLPs submitted comments to the state saying they disagreed with being included. They need to hear from people in their towns that you care about clean energy and want them to do better.

    Coming together for this meeting is a big step for us all to learn about what has caused some munis to come forward with a clean energy initiative, and the majority not to.  Together we can learn how to gain more involvement of munis in the clean energy agenda.

    Thus, we are hosting this ambitious all day meeting on a September Saturday and would love to have you join us because we cannot do it without you. Our success and productivity will be dependent upon your attendance and involvement.


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