Local Clean Energy

We all know we need to get to 100% of our electricity coming from renewable energy. We also know we need to electrify everything - our cars, our heating, etc. How can we do that in the shortest amount of time, while making our communities better and creating jobs as we clean up our air and water?

Local clean energy projects and policies are a key tools to get us to 100% renewable energy. That's why MCAN has been working with hard with our Mass Power Forward colleagues from Clean Water and Environment MA to bring you the Local Clean Energy Toolkit. It's finally ready (more or less)!

Based on experience from dozens of chapters and local volunteers like you, the materials included are intended to bring you all the way from "I'd like to do something locally that helps solve climate change" to "wow, we just won our first campaign!" Even better, each of these victories gets your community and our state closer to being completely clean. 

Here is what is included:

  • Local clean energy fact sheet
  • Local Clean Energy checklist (complete with policy recommendations - fill this out with your local officials or town staff and choose your next step)
  • Fact sheets on each policy or project type (the overall list of policy and project recommendations is in the checklist)
  • Recordings of the webinars we have done are here or under "events"
  • Curious as to how MA can get to 100%? look at the Solutions Project infographic that shows where the energy would come from.

So, now what?

Start with taking a look at it all.

Next, we suggest you fill out the checklist and email it to us (info@massclimateaction.net). That helps us know where you are and to schedule out webinars to talk through various types of policy and project recommendations. 

make a choice with your team about what you will pursue

go, fight, win! and stay in touch! 


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