Past Webinars

October 1, 2019: Gas Moratorium Strategy Call

Watch it again on our YouTube channel and view the webinar slides.

Join MCAN, TAC, and PLAN for a strategy conversation about how we can make all new construction in our communities fossil fuel-free.


September 24, 2019: Affordable Housing as a Climate Solution

Watch it again on our YouTube channel and view the webinar slides.

Join the first of our 4-part webinar series with LISC and the MA Smart Growth Alliance to learn more about why affordable housing is a part of the climate solution.


June 20, 2019: Net Zero Buildings

Watch it again on our YouTube channel and view the webinar slides.

We know that if we want to reach our climate goals as a state, we need to start committing to building Net Zero now. Buildings are responsible for a huge portion of our carbon pollution, but luckily Net Zero buildings are cost-effective as well as feasible.

April 16, 2019: Legislative Conversations 3

Watch it again on our YouTube channel and view the webinar slides.

Our third and final Legislative Conversations featuring Richard Juang of ACE, Sen. Jamie Eldridge, Rep Adrian Madaro, Rep. Liz Miranda, and Rep. Michelle DuBois discussing the bills they sponsored on 100% Clean Energy, and Environmental Justice.


March 26, 2019: Legislative Conversations 2

Watch it again on our YouTube channel and view the webinar slides.

Our second Legislative Conversations featured Rep. Jennifer Benson, Rep. Joan Meschino, and Oriana Reilly discussing the bills they sponsored on carbon pricing, updating the state's climate plan to provide a roadmap to net zero in 2050, and handful of bills affecting municipal light plants.

February 26, 2019: Legislative Conversations


Watch it again on our YouTube channel and the webinar slides are located here.

Our first Legislative Conversations featured Rep. Lori Ehrlich, Rep. Tami Gouveia, and Rep. Natalie Higgins discussing the bills they sponsored on modern sustainable transportation, a net zero stretch energy code, and net zero fro low income households.

1/26 Municipal Light Plant Report Card Webinar

Join us to learn more about our new report card on Municipal Light Plants: "What's the Score?" This report examines how the 41 municipally owned electric utilities in Massachusetts are doing on clean energy and climate issues. Whether you have or haven't read the report yet, join us to learn more and find out what you can do with the results. 

Read the report here:

Edit: The webinar recording powerpoint had an old and inaccurate graph of the final scores. The slides below contain the accurate version of the graph of scores.

The slides are here.

1/16 Better Building Codes Webinar

Join MCAN and the Sierra Club to learn more about what YOU can do make buildings better for everyone. This webinar discusses the important steps you can take to boost efficiency for building codes in MA and beyond, as well as why better building codes are so important to meeting our climate goals!

Read more about the campaign here:

The slides are here.

8/15 Net Zero Webinar 

Are your curious about Net Zero? Interested in continuing the discussion from our previous roundtable on Net Zero?  Want to know more about how we can build better buildings that make as much energy as they use while being light-filled, comfortable, and affordable to heat and cool?

This webinar discussion, which is a continuation of our Net Zero Roundtable discussion, will provide in-depth answers to questions you might have about Net Zero buildings, Passive House buildings, maximizing energy efficiency for buildings and finding new ways to make sure that our built environment is the source of clean and renewable energy.

The slides for part 1 are here, and part 2 are here

4/23 Legislative Action Team Webinar

Join us for a webinar on April 23 from 7:00-8: 00 pm to learn more about the bills we are supporting this session!

Want to get involved in our legislative team? Looking to help move state policy forward on climate change and clean energy? We discuss the main bills that MCAN is most focused on in the 2018 session! We are nearing the end of the session and we need to make sure that our legislators are hearing from you. We need to get this done!

Join us for our online webinar to learn more about what you can do to ensure that Massachusetts takes the lead on renewable energy! 

The slides can be found here

The recorded webinar can be accessed here.

What Does Your Light Board Do? Webinar 

Do you live in a Municipal Light Plant Town? Did you know that every public utility has a board of local residents who advise, manage, or otherwise make decisions about your electricity? 

Hear from Cammy Peterson of MAPC and light board members from Belmont, Princeton, and Hingham. Each one has a different background and brings different skills to the table. They discuss how and why they joined the board, and the nuts and bolts of how the light board works and how they were able to influence their light plant to become more green. 

The slides can be found here

Energy 101 Webinar (MCAN, CLF, and MPF)

Have you ever wondered how (and where) your electricity is made and how it gets to you? What role do the utilities like Eversource and National Grid play? How do municipal light plants differ from the big utilities like Eversource and National Grid?

David Ismay from the Conservation Law Foundation, the speaker, teaches a course at on energy markets at the Law School at Northeastern University. 

The slides can be found here

Green Aggregation in your Community (MCAN and 350MA)

Interested in Community Choice Aggregation? Want to make change at the local level? One way to combat dirty energy is for your city/town to take control of how much clean energy it brings in. Learn how to start a conversation about green aggregation in your community. We discuss what green aggregation is, how to get conversations started, and what you can be doing right now to help.

The slides can be found here

Writing and Passing a Warrant Article (MCAN and 350MA)

Want to make change at the local level? If you are in a town meeting community, many clean energy and climate actions can be taken at the local level and can be passed or approved via town meeting (aka direct democracy). We discuss what some options for action in town meeting, how to win, and learn from some very successful campaigns. 

The slide show is here

MCAN's 2017/2018 Legislative Agenda

Want to get involved in our legislative team? Looking to help move state policy forward on climate change and clean energy? We discuss the small number of bills that MCAN is most focused on in the 2017-2018 session. (with apologies for some technological difficulties including garbled speakers and the beginning being cut off!) Complete with our speakers answering audience questions at the end. 

 the powerpoint is here

and our top bills with a printable version of our legislative agenda is here 

Want to do more locally on clean energy?

We did a webinar with Mass Power Forward to help advocates in towns and cities get local clean energy policies and projects up and running. The original date of the webinar was December 13th, 2016. Get in touch if you want to see the materials we talk about!

Watch this webinar to learn how to use the Clean Energy Checklist to assess your town or city's actions so far, and to learn about our toolkit to get local clean energy projects and policies going in your community!

Our dependence on dirty energy like oil and gas pollutes our air and water and harms the health of Massachusetts’ communities. Pipelines threaten our safety and our green spaces. There is another way. 

This unprecedented threat is also an unprecedented opportunity to use local clean energy to create clean energy jobs, develop sustainable neighborhoods, and clean up our air and water.  Local action and local projects are good for two reasons: they let your community make choices based on your values and priorities, and they prove that climate change solutions work. 

In addition to the clean energy checklist, which helps you figure out your progress so far, we have a whole toolkit that helps you choose local policies and projects to get your community moving towards 100% renewable energy for all. 




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