Capitalism, corporations, consumerism and climate: The Climate Minute Podcast

Can we have capitalism and a stable environment? Is capital at war with the planet? Which is the problem- consumers or corporations? These are big questions, so we look to recent article by Klein and Monbiot to help us figure out what to think. She writes “In short, climate change detonates the ideological scaffolding on which contemporary conservatism rests. To admit that the climate crisis is real is to admit the end of their political and economic project. That’s why the right is in rebellion against the physical world.“ He writes “Even the social democratic (Keynesian) kind  (of capitalism) depends on perpetual growth on a finite planet: a formula for eventual collapse.” Listen in.

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Because we recognize the necessity of personal accountability for our actions, because we accept responsibility for building a durable future and because we believe it is our patriotic duty as citizens to speak out, we must insist that the United States put a price on carbon.

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…Ted McIntyre

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