Law and Order- Climate Notes

You have to admit that it would really be quite great to see Exxon's execs busting rocks and pressing license plates...

I hope these fossil-fuel fiends aren't considered "too big to jail," especially after the revelation that Exxon (now known as ExxonMobil) not only knew about the severe risks of human-caused climate change in the late-1970s and early-1980s, but actually financed cutting-edge research into the dangers of carbon dioxide--only to abandon such groundbreaking research and go all-in on denying climate science and attacking climate scientists.

ExxonMobil should be held legally accountable for its actions, just as the tobacco industry was held legally accountable for its lies and mendacity. Big Tobacco's deliberate denial of the connection between smoking and lung cancer affected (and took) millions of lives; Big Carbon's denial of the connection between burning fossil fuels and climate change affected (and may take) millions more. What kind of message will it send if ExxonMobil execs avoids legal responsibility for their crimes?

"Climate justice" means more than just making whole those who have been damaged by carbon pollution.  "Climate justice" means holding the entities that inflicted willful damage upon our atmosphere with reckless disregard for future generations accountable for their malevolent actions. We held Bernie Madoff responsible for his crimes. We held Michael Milken responsible for his crimes. We held Ivan Boesky responsible for his crimes. Why can't we hold the ExxonMobil executives who waged a campaign of doubt, denial and disinformation responsible for their nefarious actions?

You can add your voice to the list of those calling for ExxonMobil to be prosecuted. The US Justice Department cannot allow this injustice to stand. Big Oil should not be above the law. The polluters who perversely pulverized this planet should pay--soon.

….D.R. Tucker

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