MA Legislature misses its chance at greatness: The Climate Minute Podcast

So the MA Legislature took a swing and missed. No, they fumbled a great chance. No, they dropped the ball. No, they struck out. No, they choked. No, they “could’a been contenders.”

OK, sports metaphors don’t work for everyone.

The MA Legislature, like Frodo at the Crack of Doom, looked into the abyss of demands from the fossil industry and lost heart. Unfortunately, Gollum was not there to bite the ring off.

OK, LOTR references are too opaque.

The MA Legislature had the chance to make our state the nation’s leader in clean energy policy, and they failed. It is as simple as that. Constrained by a rigid hierarchy of power in the House and beholden to powerful corporate energy interests, our elected officials ignored visionary policies passed by the Senate and produced a milquetoast, uninspired energy bill that only a utility could love.  

As climate hawks, we will take the 2% RPS in this bill but focus on electing true clean energy advocates. And, by the way, we will return to the next legislative session with renewed commitment.

As they used to say about the Red Sox, “Wait ‘til next year!”

The reading list:

Because we recognize the necessity of personal accountability for our actions, because we accept responsibility for building a durable future and because we believe it is our patriotic duty as citizens to speak out, we must insist that the United States put a price on carbon.

Thanks for listening.

…Ted McIntyre

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