Resources for Chapter Leaders

If you hold monthly chapter meetings in your town and want interesting and inspirational resources, browse these topics.  Host a speaker or gather talking points yourself for your next chapter meeting!

If you see any topics that interest you, email Carol, our executive director, at and she will connect with you, forward you more resources, and help ignite energy into your next chapter meeting! 

  • Community Choice and Solar: Looking to do a local energy project? Want to clean up your town or city’s electricity supply? You can learn the how and why, and hear from other chapters about their process to move towards a more community-focused energy plan that lines up with their values.

Visit our pages on community solar and community choice for more info  

  • Clean Energy Policy: The legislative landscape of Massachusetts is always shifting. We can find speakers who are the most up to date with clean energy policies who will provide topical knowledge on legislation. 
  • Carbon Pricing: A key tool for tackling climate change, implemented in British Columbia and proposed at the MA statehouse, carbon pricing is getting a lot of attention. Speakers can explain the concepts, discuss the progress (or not) of the bills, and help attendees get engaged. 

Learn about MA specific carbon pricing info here

  • Paris/COP21/UN Climate Negotiations: More than 20 people from MA went to the Paris UN climate negotiations, and are willing to come to talk to groups about what the agreement and what it means for the Commonwealth and our towns and cities. 

Our board member Sonia hosted a webinar on her time at the UN Climate Negotiations in Paris

  • Net Zero: Cambridge went through an intensive process to understand neighborhood needs and interests around going “net zero”. Understand their process and get help in thinking about how and why your community could go net zero.

Stay up to date on Net Zero Action Plan here

  • Young Voices for the Planet via Lynne Cherry: Lynne’s inspiring series of short movies about young people making a difference and creating change in their communities are available for screenings, and Lynne can come talk to your group about climate messaging and her films.

Read more about Lynne here

  • Susan Butler's Film on Leaving the Carbon Economy: MCAN Member Susan Butler has produced a short film depicting the process of evolution as her home moved from being like most homes to being a clean energy home. The 15 minute film talks you through her process and she hopes you will use “Leaving the Carbon Economy” as a tool to generate discussion, motivation, and building relationships with people as they work to improve their climate change profile.

To learn more about Susan and her film, visit her website here.

  • Acadia Center's Energy, Utility and Community Vision: The Acadia Center’s research on what our energy system should look like is an inspiring vision for our planet and our communities. Learn how we can move from our current way of making and using electricity to a community and people-centered future of clean energy.

Read about the Acadia Center's work here 


If you are interested in any of these, email Carol at for more information.

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    commented 2019-01-08 12:11:03 -0500
    Thank you for the inspirational resources. I’m not a chapter leader but I still took a lot away from this. I think climate action is crucial to future prosperity and will be making all the tow trucks in the company I help manage at run off electricity as soon as the technology is affordable. I already emailed Tesla asking them to make electric tow trucks. Small steps make a big difference. Thank! Sincerely, Cam
  • Amelia Alba
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    What are global climate negotiations? My educator is remote and i don’t generally comprehend him yet he gave us a stud guide and he asked “Universal atmosphere transactions what are they? Now I am looking this ”"> may be it’s help me in my educational needs.
  • John Bunker
    commented 2016-09-12 06:31:12 -0400
    I would probably pick up topic “Young Voices for the Planet” for a presentation I need to do at just modifying it slightly to include information on importance of proper attitude development towards nature and resources.

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