Learn the Facts

In order to be effective climate advocates, it is important that we understand the terminology and various measures being taken to address climate change at the community, municipal, and state level. Whether you are a concerned resident, community activist, industry professional, or elected official the information being used to address climate change is the same.

MCAN has compiled a 100% Clean Energy Toolkit that is helpful for individuals and communities who are seeking to implement climate change solutions in their city or town. However, we have to learn the facts before we can implement the solutions.

MCAN has compiled useful fact sheets on:



We hope these fact sheets will be useful for everyone, regardless of whether you are just beginning to advocate for climate solutions or looking to push forward existing solutions. Do not hesitate to reach out to us about questions or other fact sheet ideas you wish to see featured. You can email our Executive Director Sarah Dooling at [email protected].

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