Webinar: What Does Your Light Board Do?

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Join MCAN for a webinar to demystify your local utility's light board 

Do you live in a Municipal Light Plant Town? Did you know that every public utility has a board of local residents who advise, manage, or otherwise make decisions about your electricity? 

Hear from Cammy Peterson of MAPC and light board members from three different towns across the state of Massachusetts. Each one has a different background and brings different skills to the table. You will learn how and why they joined the board, and the nuts and bolts of how the light board works. This is an intimate portrait of the people behind your locally and democratically run utility, set within the context of municipal light plants in Massachusetts. If you are new to the concept of light plants, we recommend that you visit our MLP webpage here, view the fact sheet, and watch the webinar on energy markets in Massachusetts. 

Municipal light plants are unique and offer opportunities for local control and engagement. Your light plant can reflect your town's collective values, but it is not often common knowledge how they are governed, who makes decisions about what, and how board members come to be in that position. Learn about energy democracy at work and its relation to clean energy, energy efficiency, and a more liveable environment for your town. 

April 19, 2018 at 7:00pm - 8pm
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Oriana Reilly ·
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