Anti-Oppression Zoom Series

This Training is FULL! Thank you so much for your interest, and we will be doing more. Keeping them small is vital to assuring that we can explore deeply with each person about their climate action and its ties to anti-oppression work. 

MCAN is hosting a 3-part Zoom training series on anti-oppression and its connection with climate action. The goals of this series are to analyze how environmental racism and injustice affect our cities, towns, and chapters, and how we can combat the unequal effects of climate change using the structures we have built, like town meetings and chapter meetings. 

Running three Mondays in a row, this series will begin on Monday April 20th, from 12pm-1pm. We will focus our first meeting on the roots of the climate crisis, how Covid-19 has affected our communities unjustly, and the connection between Covid-19 and our climate action work. The next meeting, on April 27th, we will continue to look at environmental racism and injustice and how it shows up in our own communities through the decisions we make and the relationships we build. Our last meeting, on May 4th, we will look closely into each of our communities and find groups that we can stand in solidarity with and support in ending the climate crisis.

April 20, 2020 at 12:00pm - 1pm
Miche McCall ·
Sorry, this event is sold out.

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