ARPA Proposal Zero Carbon Renovation Fund

Read the complete proposal here.

Our Proposal: To boldly respond to the climate crisis and improve the health and well-being of the residents of Massachusetts, allocate 5% ($250 Million) of ARPA funds to renovate the Commonwealth’s existing buildings to zero carbon rapidly. Administered through MassCEC, this Zero Carbon Renovation Fund will result in deep carbon savings by transforming our existing buildings to be super energy efficient, all-electric, powered by clean renewable energy, and renovated with low-embodied carbon materials. This is especially important today before the grid is decarbonized.

The impact will be dramatic, providing healthier and more affordable places for people to live and work, while simultaneously moving the Commonwealth toward meeting our climate goals. This infusion of capital today will transform the marketplace so that over the next decade zero carbon renovations will become affordable business-as-usual renovations that improve the lives of people. Focusing on deep energy savings in existing buildings upfront means less money will be needed to expand and clean the grid. Furthermore, zero carbon renovations help ensure that the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable populations benefit from a just transition from fossil fuels.

Read the complete proposal here.

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