Crazy warm at the North Pole: The Climate Minute Podcast

Temperatures in the North Pole are usually around -2oF this time of winter. This past week they were a record-breaking 43oF, surprising even the scientists with the speed of warming. Santa and his elves may need to relocate their workshop next year if this kind of warming continues! Santa’s is not the only business model that is being disrupted—electric companies are scrambling to fit in with 21st-century energy generation. In the wake of energy efficiency and renewable energy technology, the utility business model of charging by the watt is looking pretty dim. We discuss the difficulties of envisioning long timelines associated with climate change, but also how seeing impacts today is causing a paradigm shift for many that were once deniers. Ted tucks another Easter egg into this episode, about a business model that will benefit, or at least not get caught by the law, from on-site renewable energy generation. Tune in for more.

Reading list:

  • WaPo article about the impact of today’s actions on tomorrow’s climate Click here.
  • How Six Americans Changed Their Minds About Global Warming Click here.
  • Arctic Heat Wave Click here
  • Vox article about flat electricity demand. Click here

Because we recognize the necessity of personal accountability for our actions, because we accept responsibility for building a durable future and because we believe it is our patriotic duty as citizens to speak out, we must insist that the United States put a price on carbon.


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