Scare campaigns vs scary facts: The Climate Minute

Here in Massachusetts, the fossil fuel lobby is pursuing its annual scare campaign about methane supplies, conjuring up images of Texas style blackouts. If you look past the hyperbole, there is an industry desperate to maintain its profits at the expense of people and planet. On the other hand, a recent study confirmed a truly scary, if common sense, expectation: the gas stove in your kitchen is leaking, at least in the moment you turn on the burner if not continuously from loose piping connections. Pollution in your kitchen is more real and frightening than the freeze-in-the-dark scenarios painted by gas apologists.

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Because we recognize the necessity of personal accountability for our actions, because we accept responsibility for a building a durable future and because we believe it is our patriotic duty as citizens to speak out, we must insist the United States transform it’s energy sector, over the next decade, under a just and equitable plan, that uses regulations, investments and a price on carbon that protects environmental justice communities.

Thanks for listening.

…Ted McIntyre

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