Father Figure- Climate Notes

Those fighting for climate justice and those fighting for common-sense gun legislation are brothers and sisters in the same struggle: concerned citizens waging a tireless effort against well-funded, amoral special interests. If you were horrified by Sandy, you share a bond with those who were horrified by Sandy Hook, and vice versa. After all, we need to reduce carbon emissions for the same reason we need to reduce gun violence: protecting human life.

To that end, climate hawks should embrace Andy Parker, the heartbroken father of Alison Parker, the young journalist murdered in Virginia this week. Parker's battle against the National Rifle Association will be as extensive and as exhausting as our battle against Big Oil and Big Coal. Parker says he'll do whatever it takes to change our gun laws; he has the same spirit that animates those of us marching, protesting and campaigning to change our energy laws.

Our refusal to crack down on gun violence is an international embarrassment; so too is our refusal to get serious about curbing carbon pollution. We have a moral responsibility to address both the firearms frenzy and the climate crisis. We can win these fights. We can prevent the gun violence that takes young lives, and we can make sure those young lives will be able to enjoy the healthy and stable environment they deserve. Andy Parker should know that there are millions of climate hawks in this country who have his back in his determination to disarm the deranged, and protect the people from the powerful. Godspeed, Mr. Parker. You're fighting for all of us.

......D.R. Tucker

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